Higher Calling

When Satan sees that you are a special breed (spiritually)…you’ve put your hand on the plough & no looking back…he will tempt you in many ways…with seemingly harmless baits.

Sadly, that is where some of us fail the test & succumb. They forget their first love…the initial zeal & mission.
Suddenly, they become apologists of all that Satan offers, the glitz, glamor & the world’s riches !

Remember, Satan offered Jesus the same on the mountain. You (servant) are not greater than the Master.

If you overcome that huddle & push the “old tempter” to where he belongs…he doesn’t go quietly.
Ferociously…he will attack you thru “false brethren”…tearing you apart in vicious spiritual combats.

This will be life or death battle for you…beyond measure. Not many saints are chosen to walk (alone) in this dimension.

The “outer court” is good enough for a greater group with no desperation faith to press in.
But, if you persevere, even though hurt as with wrestling with an angel…like the hollow of your thigh…you will enter (reward)…new dimension of receiving God’s Word as a man speaketh to his friend.

That is the great step the Body of Christ is invited into…(now)…as we speak.
To seek Him…& every other thing will be added.

Refuse the covetous invitations of Satan’s handouts.
There is a squeezing…threshing floor dimension (going on).
Blessed are those who endure to the end. Amen !

…(marching on)…

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