“Prophet In Your Life?”

From little innuendoes…whispers…taking Scripture texts out of context for a pretext (?)…those subtle echoes have become a loud doctrine.

What is it ?
…That as believers in Christ…in our daily lives…we need a prophet to help us navigate thru the challenges of life.
Really ?

Subsequently, some folks now have to search for a prophet they can lean on for vision, counsel & guidance.

I submit that this whole “doctrine” is overstretched & misplaced. You don’t need a prophet over your life.
Repeat…You need no prophet over your personal life..

Even though I believe strongly in the ministry of prophets…I refuse such distractions which send the wrong signals in the Body of Christ.

Be careful of personal prophecies.
Only the spiritually skilled, walk on such waters.

…(marching on)…

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