Prophetic Exhortation

”BACK TO A..B..C..”

Again, this is a timely prophetic exhortation for the Body of Christ. Let’s get back to the fundamentals of the faith and less of the “marketplace” syndrome we see around us…(local and internatioal)! It is fashionable, these days, to hammer on such attractive themes like “breakthrough”, ” spiritual warfare”, “prosperity”, “anointing services to reverse generational curses”in religious programmes,with intense hype. etc.

Many in the religious/church groups have been taught so much about the devil, curses, enemies; that they know little or nothing about their (our) inheritance in Christ. They are not grounded in the very basics of our faith. Can you imagine a child learning the alphabets with, H..I..J..without starting from, A..B.C?

Yet, that is exactly the case in many groups.. B’cos doing so, is to follow the trend, flow with the crowd. When last did you hear an inspired message on how to be saved? Looks like the emphasis is to enroll more devoted membership. But the Lord is looking for “disciples” (latin: “discipuli”), meaning, “student”, “follower”. The disciple must follow his/her Master. The disciple is not above the Master. There is no overbearing intermediary between the disciple and his Lord. “If ye keep my commandments,then are ye my disciples indeed”…”And why call me, Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?”(Lk 6:46).

It’s not enough to come to the Lord only on the basis of what we can get out of the deal. We look at the world, the latest craze and we want it. We yearn for the “Egyptian” garlic, onions and the like; desiring old lusts and sins once left behind.(Num.11:4-5). As then, there is “mixt multitude” in the camp today.

The Lord expects more from us than endless rituals. The Lord of the Harvest is out, looking for disciples. Did’nt He say to pray for Him to send “labourers”(disciples) into His Harvest? Not charlatans. Not “wolves” in sheep’s clothing! By their fruits, ye shall know them!(My book gives more wisdom in this area. Get copies @

Do we pray for folks to be delivered from the devil’s bondages? Of course! My up-coming Revivals in Kingston, Jamaica says it all.(See website for more info)! But the Lord is looking for “fruits”(that will abide)!

We shouldn’t live like the devil while rushing to church daily for God’s blessings.If, all you hear in the church, all year round, is blessing, blessing, blessing or enemies, enemies, enemies; something is wrong somewhere. It’s probably time for you to move on and GROW up in the Lord.

Definitely, this is not a watered down message.It’s “meat” to some( You, old-timers know what I’m talking about. Be a standard bearer wherever you are. The hour is late.