Just returned from Nassau, Bahamas after series of Revivals…(July 12-26)! We give the Lord all the glory for the opportunity to reach out and minister in that Island nation. Was time to “teach and preach Jesus Christ” (Acts 5:42).

As we gave priority to the Word, the people witnessed signs and miracles, confirming same! One night, just before I began to preach, I called out a few folk and ministered to them by the word of knowledge and prophecy. That got the attention of everybody! Another night, there was ministration to the sick and afflicted in the prayer line. Testimonies readily came forth…e.g…one woman could suddenly swing her right arm which had been stiff for a long time. Another lady could walk straight as she came forward, even before prayers. She said, she always had pains in her left leg while walking,it always seemed her weight was too heavy for her left leg. But as she left her seat, she was healed. B’cos she demonstrated her healing by walking up and down the aisle for all to see.

Another fell under the power as oppressive and addiction spirits obeyed the command to “come out in Jesus’ Name”! People took the opportunity to renew their faith and commitment to the Lord. We prayed for a lot of prayer requests…one night was for the children too! Praying for and blessing them in the Name of the Lord!

Definitely, the trip was worth all the sacrifice…(Amen).

The next major trip is Nigeria…(revelative…prophetic…Word with signs following)…What is the prophetic Word to God’s people right now? He doesn’t leave Himself without a witness!

My trip will touch Abuja, Lagos. Benin, Sapele/Warri axis. When the Lord says “GO”, I can’t say,no! That’s why I keep moving…but I, sure, do need some help right now! Like I said in a previous correspondence, if someone or group pays for my air ticket, that would be answer to prayer! (Amen).

Any prayer request? Send to me and I’ll set time to pray!


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