“This is to sincerely appreciate you for the wonderful Word you brought to us in our “Zion 2010 Conference” in Lagos. Your ministration indeed blessed us as a people.

“It is our prayer that God will visit you with a greater measure of His spirit”.

Bishop (Dr.) Joseph Ojo

Calvary kingdom Church Int’l Inc;

Lagos, Nigeria.


“We appreciate your ministry of biblical revelation and deliverance. Our people are encouraged and inspired by your passion and simplicity of the gospel.

“We look forward to more opportunities for you to minister in our midst”.

Rev. Efe Omodamwen (Senior Pastor )

Eagles Ministry Int’l Inc

Gloryland Chapel, Benin City, Nigeria.


Your teaching and ministration on deliverance in our church separated the wheat from the chaff and restored faith and confidence in the simple Gospel of the New Testament.

Revelation knowledge replaced “modern theories” of “divining problems” as practiced by some in the field today. Your message demonstrated we need not search for “genealogies” but look unto Jesus”

“Thank you for your visit. We look forward to a much greater Revival in the future”.

Senior Pastor Ativie

Benin City, Nigeria


“Your ministration at our Annual Thanksgiving Service was a blessing to us all. May the Lord richly bless you and your family.  (Amen).”

-Rev, (Dr.) Daniel Uwadiae

Senior Pastor & Director

Mission To Africa Church & bible Academy

Benin City, Nigeria.


“Encouraging Word for these times…building up the brethren.”

-Bro Charles Adenuga

Abeokuta, Nigeria


“We are greatly blessed by your ministration… Wish we had more time for more meetings. Thank God, your anointing is fresh and bold, as of old! You have a unique ministry of teaching and deliverance! Praise the Lord!”

-Senior Pastor Dipo Filani

Upper Room Baptist Church (Pentecostal)

Alagbado, Lagos, Nigeria.


Ministered at Revival organized by co-operating churches at Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria…with Pastor Dennis Ogwu, co-ordinating.

Preached Two Messages: “Walk In the Light,” and “Beware of Another Gospel”. The power of God fell on the prayer line. (Amen)!

– Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.


“We appreciate your 4-week visit here, teaching and preaching in our “Jamaican Revival Explosion.” We are encouraged by your dedication, humility and passion for the Lord and His prophetic message of truth and deliverance. You have been a blessing to all of us in Jamaica. “

– Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold (Ph.D)

Overcomers World Ministries, Kingston, Jamaica.


“I do not know where to begin….you have shown us that God requires obedience – no matter how inadequate we may feel.”

L.D. – Kingston, Jamaica


“Thank you for obeying the Lord and coming to us. I have been blessed and encouraged by you.”

M.J. – Kingston, Jamaica.


“ Your teaching of the word is very simple, yet sharp and powerful. You possess an excellent WORD BASED ministry”

M.W. – Kingston, Jamaica.


“Earlier that week a brother has spoken to me about the spirit of fear. So I was surprised, when your message tonight was on “deliverance from the spirit of fear.” I was truly blessed by your message. It was both prophetic and powerful. It changed my life.”

Sis K. – Mandeville (Manchester) Jamaica


“ For the past few days, I was under the spell of fear. Even today, I was fearful throughout. Then I came to the service. And the visiting evangelist (you)…boldly preached on deliverance (now) from the spirit of fear! Thank God for His Spirit. I stepped forward in the altar call. O Praise The Lord!”

– Sis J. – Mandeville (Manchester), Jamaica


“ I have more freedom (now) to pray after you ministered a few time.”

Sis S. -Kingston, Jamaica


“Great service! Powerful message of deliverance. Prayer line miracles, very real! Occulticc powers cast out in Jesus Name. Joy in the House of God today. Amen!

Sis D. – Portmore, Jamaica


“I am blessed by the simplicity of the way you speak about Jesus which comes from your personal relationship with HIM.

“I am reminded that the message is JESUS and His coming…to save the lost…”