Rev. Dr. Andrew Igene

Andrew IgeneRev. Dr. Andrew Igene’s encounter with the Lord was in August 1970, when he was born again at a christian camp-meeting in Benin City, Nigeria. He graduated Top of the Class (Bachelor’s) from The University of Ife in 1976; and Master’s (Political Science) from The University of Ibadan in 1980; both in Nigeria. He was a TV news reporter and editor (Nigerian Television Authority, Benin City), Newspaper editorial board Chairman(The Observer Group) also in Benin. He was elected to two consecutive terms as Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Bendel & later Edo States. His Journalistic career spanned over 13 years (1979-1993)

In his walk with the Lord over the years, he has learnt valuable lessons in faith and spiritual warfare. His teaching ministry brings the Bible alive…exalting our Lord Jesus as King! The Lord has commissioned His servant to go…the hour is late! Has ministered  in churches, camp-meetings, conventions and evangelistic campaigns. Let’s lift Him up together and worship Him(JESUS)…AMEN!


  • maggieakibon

    Bro ,i am highly impressed by what the Lord is doing thru you at this time.I pray for more utterance &the manifestations &demonstration of His power with signs &wonders following.

  • andrewigene

    Thanks for your comments. May the Lord bless and prosper your walk with Him. (Amen)!

    There  is  only  one  way  –  The  Jesus  Way!

  • Pastor John Agenmonmen

    This is to appreciate yr love and concern for us during yr last visit to Nigeria.I am glad u have kept the fire burning.Maranantha!

  • Rey

    Dearest beloved Pastor Rev. Dr. Andrew Igene & family

    It is my honor and pleasure to take this opportunity to write as I came across your ministry over the Internet. I believed that my letter is a big
    surprise to you yet, it is with great joy to share my ministry work here in the Philippines through letters.I believed it is not by accident but by
    God’s grace He really made it possible.

    Let me introduce my name, ministry, and family and a little background about my work here in the Philippines. I even enclosed a recent photograph of myself, family, and my ministry for you to have a chance to know me better.

    I am Reynaldo Sitoy, 44 years old, I was blessed with adopted daughter and I am
    grateful that the Lord nurtured into His Divine ways. I am an
    independent tribal minister of the Lord for the great commission. I have started this very rewarding missionary work way back 1996 as its started

    from one of the indigenous family in one of the small mountain village here in Davao province, until it grew up to many families in an adjacent and neighboring villages. The Lord moves in a tremendous ways through miracles
    until we finally were able to put up five indigenous churches that right now

    we oversee.I am engaged in church planting, outdoor meetings, home bible studies,pastoring church, handing out Gospel tracks to bus terminals, hospitals,
    prison cells, as well as feeding children. My vision is focus on tribal and indigenous cultural communities and less fortunate in our societies, As I found it more interesting to served the Lord despite of hardship for the sake of paramount need for souls harvest. Hence, I am glad to witness it with my own eyes that lost souls are save for Christ. I just cannot afford to see them die without Christ.
    This ministry that I have is self-supporting, self-propagating, and self governing. I run this very rewarding missionary work by faith through the generous contribution of our poor tenant brethren who love the Lord despite of their poverty living conditions. This place of ministry that I engaged in is thickly populated with Muslims
    and paganism a religious belief coming from our ancestral religious taboo,were people are used to worship stone and etc. there are always strong pressure on our part because me and my family are being harass, mock, and
    even harm, my heart bleeds seeing them lost yet, despite all the pressures that we encountered, hardship that we faced, we are not discouraged we are seeking God to our fervent prayer that somehow God will open up their minds and hearts to the genuine truth that we both preach and live.As I came across your website over the computer, I was prompted to write assuming that you can help us with sound, accurate, vibrant, spirit filled
    messages and enriched wisdom to your teaching materials, as the Lord surrounded us with many gifted and willing men and women who are ready to take the gospel of salvation to the lost souls in all provinces, cities, rural areas, mountain villages here in Mindanao even to the entire island of Philippine archipelago.

    To do this, I believe we need also prayer support
    from you, who are willing and be able to endow us with spiritual cover and mantle of authority to put their shoulders to wheel with us and stand with us in this great calling for us to lay down our lives for our brethren. I strongly believe that we are one in the body of Christ, i do hope that you
    are open to welcome us as part of your family ministry there though we are here in the Philippines. How we really wish as well to see you personally and it is our honor and privilege should you have time someday to visit and share the gospel here in the Philippines. You are very welcome to visit and
    see our work personally here in the Philippines.

    Lastly may God bless and your family and all your Divine undertakings rest assured that we will keep
    in touch with you with our prayers and reports of our work here in the Philippines.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon…………

    Brother in Christ,
    Reynaldo Sitoy
    P.O Box 82217 Davao City 8000 Philippines

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